B6009 Basketball Jersey

Custom Made Basketball Jersey

Basketball Jerseys are made by cutting and sewing color blocks of fabrics with your design choice. We are not just limited to above color choices for production. Team logo or mascot, team name, player's name and number, or other text can be custom printed or stitched on designated area of the shirt at production time. You save additional trip and cost to have them printed in your local store.

While most our customers purchase basketball jersey with our factory standard size chart, some schools or basketball clubs may want to customize their size charts and design, just so to make players fit and look better. Our factory designer will accommodate such need and make it possible. 

Basketball jersey is made of 100% polyester soft sports fabric, which provides quick dry and cool wicking features that give your teams and players best performance at game time. 

We can also custom make the jersey based on the sample you provide to us,  if you want to keep the design but lower the teamwear cost for your team.


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